Rosie Crossword Game


2. In the Seaside book, Rosie hated these animals: Cxxx
3. In Seaside, this is the christian name of the Italian ice-cream-seller: Lxxxx
5. In the seaside book, Rosie wore this to hide her wonky ear: Sxxxxx.
6. In Superstar, Dixie and Rosie used black Pxxxx to make their witch’s hat.
8. This is the full name of the heroine of Seaside and Superstar: Rxxxx-Sxxxxxxx
12. In Superstar, Rosie wanted to be an Axxxxxx
14. In Superstar, Dixie offered to find Rosie a part as an Exxxx
15. In all the books, poor Rosie Snowdrop has a very wonky Exx
16. In Superstar, Rosie and Bodger went to see a Fxxx every week
17. In Superstar Rosie applied for a part in a film called “The Hxxxxxx
and One Westies”.


1. In Superstar, Bodger got very Cxxxx with Rosie for behaving badly in the cinema.
2. In Seaside, Rosie went to the beach and bought fifteen of these: Cxxxxxx
3. In Superstar, Rosie wanted to travel in a pink stretch Lxxx
4. In Superstar, one of Rosie’s ideas to earn money was to clean these:
7. In Superstar Rosie went to the cinema with her friend Bxxxxx every week.
9. In Seaside this was Rosie’s favourite food: Ixxxxxxx
10. In Superstar Rosie’s friend Dxxxx gave her a smart pink collar
11. In Superstar Rosie held this whenever the film got too frightening:
Bodger’s Pxx
13. In Superstar Rosie liked the idea of being a Wxxxx in a film



Rosie Crossword Game

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